About Our Project Management

Builder trend

Communication and collaboration are paramount when it comes to completing a job efficiently. Setting up your customers with their homeowner portal allows them to share ideas, concerns, and questions that arise. Every time they log in, they’ll have a new, exciting update keeping them informed, as well as reassure them that they made a great decision by choosing your company.

Our State-of-the-Art Project Management App keeps things on time, on budget, and everyone connected.

Stay on top of everything in one place
Put an end to questions like … “Where’s that receipt? Who made the last sales call? Which projects are framing today?” Buildertrend frees your team from admin work so that they can do more of their best work

Update clients without lifting a finger
Clients crave information about the status of their build, and Buildertrend gives it to them. Instead of constant emails or texts, they can see what’s happening without any extra effort from your team. Ready to put late-night phone calls in the past?

Connect your team, clients, and subs
Buildertrend’s communication management software makes collaboration between your team, subs and clients efficient and easy – so nothing falls through the cracks.

Avoid surprise delays and costly errors
When details slip through the cracks, it’s inevitable: mistakes happen. But when every change order, selection and invoice is tracked, success happens. With Buildertrend, you’ll closely monitor everything along the way.